Martial Arts and Self-Defense School

Master Techniques From Different Combat Practices

Learn effective martial arts and self-defense techniques you can use when the need arises. If you are looking for a martial arts and self-defense school, turn to Grandmaster Roger Haines Martial Arts Self Defense School. Serving Dayton, OH and the surrounding areas, our school offers an extensive range of classes to youth from 6 to 12 years old.

About Our Martial Arts Instructor

Roger Haines is a retired police officer who was active for 29 years. With more than 50 years of experience training and teaching martial arts, he is currently a proud certified instructor of ALICE, police defensive tactics, NASKA Rated Karate Champions, and S.W.A.T, his national karate competition team. His students have been featured in B.E.T. Black Entertainment. He has also been featured in

Grandmaster Roger Haines Martial Arts Self Defense School

Roger Haines, School Owner